Topic outline

  • STEM1001 Computer Programming Fundamentals

    Note: The start date for this class has been pushed back to January 22nd. If you are interested in taking this class, please email me at tkosan2 <at> If I don't receive any emails by January 16th, I will assume nobody is taking the the class, and it will be canceled. Ted Kosan

    From January 22nd through March 2018, Shawnee State University is piloting a free, 8-week, 100% online distance learning course named STEM1001 "Computer Programming Fundamentals". This course uses robot teaching assistant technology that has been in development at SSU since 2015. This robot TA technology is able to provide students with detailed feedback on all of their computer programs and exams in less than 10 seconds as often as they desire.

    STEM1001 consists of the first 8 weeks of a 16-week course named ETCO1120 "Introduction to STEM Computer Programming". STEM1001 is being piloted by having students who did well in ETCO1120 tell their friends and relatives about STEM1001, and then act as a tutor for any of them who take the course. Any people who take this pilot version of STEM1001 will have the option to pay $150 and receive university credit for it using the Course Credit by Exam option. The tutors of the people who take this option will receive $50 of this fee.

    Course Description

    Digital computers (including PCs, cell phones, tablets, and embedded systems) obtain the instructions they follow from computer programs. Most computer programs are created by people, and these people are called programmers. This course teaches the fundamentals of computer programming, and no previous computer programming experience is assumed. The course runs for 8 weeks, and it is 100% online.

    For more information about this course, email Ted Kosan at tkosan2 <at>